How To Become A Blockchain Developer?

How To Become A Blockchain Developer

Blockchain technology is going to be world’s most famous technology because it has opened up a new field of development called blockchain
development. And it is creating numerous job opportunities for developers and tech enthusiasts. For such a excellent job opportunities around

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, people generally seem to be confused about the direction they should take to become a blockchain developer. Web Development company in Noida is providing all types of web development and designing services. Therefore we are going to discuss how you can become a blockchain developers.

A blockchain is a digital database and used to record transactions across many computers so that any involved record cannot be altered. Information which is stored in groups called ‘blocks’. A blockchain is a bit like an Excel spreadsheet. Moreover, blockchains have some very special features that make them different. Blockchains are:

Types of Blockchain
Types of Blockchain

Decentralized :- Blockchain has no center therefore it cannot be stored in one computer. It is stored across many different computers. These computers are known as nodes. Blockchain are known as peer-to-peer networks because there are no third parties like Microsoft, Google, or Facebook involved. So, not one single entity has control over the data on a blockchain, users and every blockchain developer deal with each other directly instead of through a third party.

Public :- We can understand from the word ‘public’ that it is for public. This means that everyone can see it.

Guided by Consensus :- The mechanism in which more than half of the nodes have to agree that information which is adding is valid or not. It protects the blockchain from fraud.

Immutable :- It means that once a information is added it cannot be changed or removed. Information on a blockchain and nearly
impossible to hack.

There are two types of blockchain developers

Core Blockchain Developer

These type of Blockchain developer is generally involved in the design, architecture, and security of a blockchain system. Their roles include
the following things:
Blockchain protocols Designs
Design of consensus protocols and security patterns for the network
Design of the network architecture
Supervision of the entire network

Blockchain Software Developers

Blockchain Software Development
Blockchain Software Development

They have a separate set of roles. These are not involved in consensus designs or architecture of the system. Much like a normal web
developer uses the protocols and design structure set up by a core web architect to build web apps, blockchain software developers build decentralized applications or dApps using blockchain technology. Their roles include:
Development of smart Contracts
Development of interactive front-end designs for dApps
Backend development pertaining to Blockchain
Supervision of the entire stack running their dApps

The next step is deciding which blockchain you want to develop. Two of the most famous development platforms are NEO and Ethereum.


It was developed by Vitalik Buterin and went live in 2015. Web Designing company in Noida is the best web development company. Ethereum has its own language known as solidity. And every experienced developer learns this language to become a blockchain developer and start building dApps. It is also links with big business like Mastercard and Samsung. However, it is more focused on encouraging users to develop the blockchain than NEO.


Website Designing company in Noida is the popular web development company. NEO was originally called Antshares and was founded by Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang in 2014 and it became NEO in 2017. It is focused on providing platforms for the digital business of the future. It is faster network than Ethereum. This is great for applications that will need to process a lot of transactions per second!

What is Solidity?

Solidity is similar to other languages like C++ and Java script. It is designed to be read and used by people. It was created by an Ethereum team, which was led by Dr. Gavin Wood in 2014. Solidity is used to write smart contracts and these are used to develop dApps. Computers programs are generally written in a high-level language and then translated into a low-level coding language. When a low-level coding language is designed than it is designed in way so that it can be read and used by computers. Low-level languages contain 1s and 0s and this is called binary. Some very clever people can write code in binary.

Solidity Code

Its basic are like nouns, adjectives, and verbs. Nouns, adjectives and verbs are tools for creating sentences. Learning Solidity is much like a learning new language, and it is important to learn for becoming a blockchain developer on the Ethereum. Here are some of the tools for creating solidity smart contracts:

Variables – There are lots of different kinds of variables but here are some of the most common: Booleans, Integers, Addresses and Strings. Their use in blockchain to store information.

Functions – It can use information from variables to create new information. It is used to do a certain work. For example, In the sum 2+3=5, 2 and 3 are the variables and the function is +5 is the information the function returns.

Structs – Structs helps to put information into groups. In solidity, you can use a struct to group information about anything.

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