How to Check a Web Development Company is Fake or not?

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There are hundreds of web development companies websites present in internet. In which most of the companies websites is not real and this is very sad for us. It is very difficult to know that the website which you are visiting is real or not. Checking the Web Development companies website identity is most important, If you want to make your own website you should consult website designing company in Faridabad. There are various ways through which you can check a web development company identity.

Check the Companies Website for a legitimate mobile number and address

Remember that making fake phone number and address is very easy now. There is a whole industry providing fake area code and 800 mobile numbers. Therefore phone number is not a real sign of company. Before trusting call the local chamber of commerce associated with the address and see if they are a real or mortar company or a referral skimming company with the phony address.

Pay close attention to the URL of Website

You will shocked when you know that how many people not pay little attention to the address bar of their browser. It’s a huge mistake because address bar contain a ton of vital information about where you are and how secure your are there. As a result you have to make habit to check the address bar of the browser whenever you visit a new page.

Check Connection security indicator

If you see a green address bar on top of any website which means that the website contains EV Name(Extended Validation) Badge. It means that your connection is secure and you are communicating privately with the website listed in the URL.Web designing company in Faridabad allow you to check the security indicator. The green address bar is only show when a website is using a specific type of SSL certificate known as an Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate.

View Certificate details

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Certificate of Website

It is more advance because it involves diving a bit deeper into browser’s menu. It can be misleading if you don’t have proper understanding of SSL. Most browser’s like (safari & chrome) allow you to view the certificate by clicking the padlock icon in the address bar. Web development company in Faridabad allow you to view certificate details.

For Safari

1. Click the Padlock icon 2.Click “View Certificate”

For Chrome 1.Click the Three Dots icon to bring up the menu 2.Under “More Tools” select “Developer Tools.” 3.Click on the Security tab Click “View Certificate” or Click the Padlock icon Click “View Certificate”

Look For trust seals

When a company or organization makes a consequential investments in their customer security

, they typically want a little bit credit for it. It is one of the several reasons that true seals exist. Trust seals are generally exists on homepages, checkout pages, and login pages. They are immediately recognizable and they reminds the visitors that they are secure on this page. They are very helpful to check a web development company website identities.

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