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Sooner or later, any person blogging asks the question “Is it possible to make money on a blog?” Well, if this question is asked before creating a blog. More often the desire to monetize your site is born in the process. I want to share my earning experience on a travel blog. Some of this experience is suitable for all bloggers, and some are specific only for travel sites.
Ways to monetize websites and blogs

There are several approaches to monetizing websites and blogs:

Earnings on advertising – this includes earnings on contextual advertising, on teaser and banner networks.

Earnings by selling links is an outdated, but still working way. I also include promotional articles with links to products.

Earnings on affiliate programs is the most profitable way to monetize your blog today.
Earnings on the sale of (info) products – a popular way to make money with Western bloggers. Sell from their books and travel courses to filter packs for instagram.

Depending on the niche of the site, something well works better, something worse, but the maximum result can be achieved only by combining these methods.

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How much can you earn on a blog?

The average earnings of a blog with attendance of less than 500 people per day will be $ 30-50 per month. Hanging up young websites designing / blogging web development  with advertising is highly discouraged – because of this

, the search karma of the site / blog may be impaired.

The average earnings of a blog with attendance of 1000 – 2000 people per day will be in the region of 300-500 $. This figure depends on the cost of advertising, as well as on the affiliate programs that are used on the blog. In addition, there may appear direct advertisers who will want to place a banner or order an article review on your blog.

On a blog with an attendance of 2000-4000 people a day with a competent approach, you can earn from $ 1500 and more.

What does the blog revenue depend on?

Income from a blog directly depends on the quality of traffic. It is important to understand that there are commercial search queries, and there are informational. For example, people come to my blog for the request “travel quotes”. Do you think at least one person who came by on this request will buy tickets? It happens that people come by the request “where to buy cheap air tickets”. This is a commercial request, and it is these that make a profit, but the competition for such requests is several times higher.

Information traffic is monetized using ordinary advertising and pushing (at the end of the article more about this), and commercial traffic is done using affiliate programs.

In any case, for a stable income from the blog you need a stable traffic. And not 20-30 people / day, and 2000-3000. To achieve such attendance, it is necessary to work hard. A blogger is also a job. If you want to make money on a blog, you will have to figure out how to write selling articles and how to collect traffic on them.

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