how to increase website security ?

Today we will offer some practical tips on website security, based on the new requirements of the leading search engine.

Thanks to the hype around hacking websites and stealing personal information of users, the Internet audience is paying more and more attention to security. Most people are aware that sensitive information is at risk every time you open your browser.

For webmasters, this means that it is time to focus on modern security protocols, otherwise you simply lose a significant proportion of traffic.

Everyone knows that the guys from Google are setting new trends in the behavior of Internet users.

Last month, they made a huge step forward by releasing their Chrome browser update to higher security standards. The new version in the absence of SSL warns the user about the insufficient security of the site being viewed.

Although this change is designed to help protect personal data, it can deal a serious blow to many sites. From now on, you will have to think about new security measures before moving forward along the SEO track.

Google Chrome update: what you need to know

October 17, 2017 saw the light of the 62nd version of Chrome, which began to mark sites without the basic cryptographic protocol SSL as insecure.

SSL protocol stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is a standard technology that provides an encrypted transfer of all data between the server and the client. Whether it’s credit card information or your birth date, this data becomes difficult for hackers to access.

In Chrome, websites with missing SSL are now marked with a bright red warning that only the blind will not notice. By the way, something like Google began to do in January 2017, but only in relation to suspicious pages that request confidential information.

The version released in October applies to all sites where a form is present (even if it is only one field) that requests something like an email address. And it radically changes the rules of the game for business.

How to update google chrome

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How will the new Chrome traffic?

Since Chrome’s market share in Russia is more than 45%, the corporation’s innovation will be noticed by tens of millions of our users.

A recent survey showed that 82% of respondents would leave the site, which is marked as unsafe.
Commercial sites that do not have SSL can say goodbye to 8 out of 10 potential customers, despite costly SEO strategies and tens of thousands of dollars invested in design and marketing.

Moreover, Google has publicly stated: the availability of SSL is now a ranking factor for the search algorithm. If you ignore the new security standards, then get ready to see your site at the bottom of the search results. As they say, get and sign.

types of ssl certificates

That is why every webmaster should urgently engage in security with an SSL certificate.

Site security is underestimated by marketers. Almost every day there are news about another hacker attack and identity theft.


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