Is WordPress Development Support Enterprises Needs?

Is WordPress Development Fulfill Enterprises Needs

WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL and it is the biggest blogging software in the world. 2018 survey declares that wordpress drives more than 60% of the online sites that use any form of CMS. Web development company in Rohini Delhi provides wordpress web development services in Rohini Delhi. Over the last 15 years it has evolved into a powerful

, robust CMS capable of handling even the largest enterprise websites and currently it is powering 30 percent of websites. Now we will evaluate the reasons that
wordpress development support enterprises needs or not.



WordPress ‘s plugin Directory has more than 50,000 plugins. These plugins can allow enterprises to add a whole host of features and capabilities. However, plugins help you ensure good SEO result, security media sharing options. Its plugins give companies the ability to customize and expand the functionality of websites with relative ease when compared to other enterprise CMS solutions.

WordPress is Reliable

Web designing company in Rohini Delhi used wordpress for developing sites. WordPress was developed by some of the very best developers, coders, and testers. It is very difficult to find better people involved in a single project than wordpress. On the other hand, some big fortune 500 companies have a keen interest in the continuous development of the platform. The fact that WP is not owned and managed by a single entity actually works in their favor here. The chances of abandonment are close to zero and with the support of the community, it is likely to continue to improve.



Maintenance and support is very important for large enterprises that need guaranteed uptime and prompt security patches. With multi-tenancy, the software for multiple clients is managed in one place through system administration, so it streamlines ongoing maintenance and upgrades simultaneous, there’s only one version of the software for time for everyone. Since updates are simultaneous, there’s only one version of the software for tech teams to support, leading to shorter response times and better service. While WordPress has default roles for administrators, editors, authors, and other similar jobs, the platform doesn’t have out of the box functionality for permissions down to a granular level. Permission are only based on tasks or functions, not specific content.

SEO Friendly

SEO is the strong recommendation after the old version of wordpress. WordPress website development has simple and constant codes making them ideal for google indexing. The customization for each page can also be a possible for SEO which gives full control on which pages you want to rank high in google search engine. SEO features like pretty permalinks, auto generated URL (from the title), META data control, integration with Pingomatic highly valuable plugins, such as Yoast’s SEO plugin make WordPress a highly competent search marketing tool.

Ideal for Aggressive Content Marketing

Website designing company in Rohini Delhi is the best web development company. In the digital world, when online marketing plays an important role and fresh content is of utmost important, a WordPress theme website has an advantage over the traditional ones. With very easy steps, you can update your website content and customize it as per your requirements and wish. You can also update your site’s design in a breeze making it an ideal platform for tactical campaigns. Moreover, keeping update your content frequently will help you and your organization builds credibility in your niche.

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