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In contrast to the passive, downward-to-consumer marketing model, the Internet allows for interaction between suppliers and consumers, in which the latter themselves become suppliers (in particular, suppliers of information about their needs).

The new role of marketing in addition to meeting the needs of the client directly includes the altruistic, cooperative goal of facilitating market development.

The environment of the Internet, according to, is a combination of factors of the Internet space that affect an enterprise that implements Internet technologies in its business activity, which includes:

Internet audience and its characteristics (active, weekly, and maximum audience, geographical location, sphere of interests, age, gender, social status, professional activity, usage goals, etc.).

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Infrastructure of the environment (saturation of information resources, types of services provided – services, applied technologies, structure of commercial participants of the Internet market, etc.).

The level of the possibility of carrying out transactions (including the quality of the applied payment systems).

The stage of development of telecommunications infrastructure (including the ability to access the Internet, the quality of communication lines and data transmission speed

, the cost of provider services).

Level of development of the legal framework for the functioning of an online business.

The place of Internet marketing in the company’s activity is reduced to the process of marketing management in the electronic market, which reflects the totality of operations and procedures carried out by employees of the marketing services of companies in the following sequence.

  • Collection and analysis of information about the market behavior and competitors on it through the use of the Internet, storage of corporate databases.
  • Expertise of stochastic and dynamic processes in this market segment.
  • Modeling of psychological reactions of consumer behavior in the electronic market with the simulation of companies’ strategies in terms of risk and uncertainty,
  • Formulation of new strategies for the development of current markets, market penetration, strategic alliances and consolidations, diversification strategies, etc.

Regarding the website, it should be noted that it finds effective use in such areas as.

Online sale

Advertising products and services on the web;

Service and after sales service.

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Using the Internet, marketing staff can:

Quickly change the range, description of products and their prices;

Save on costs (there are no costs for the establishment of the functioning of the store, the use of conventional methods of mailing).

It is easier to communicate with potential consumers by sending them information and receiving answers from them;

Count the number of people who visited the site of the organization and its individual parts.

In most cases, the company interacts with consumers through the www-server (www – World Wide Web) of the company. The company’s web server is a computer that is physically connected to the world wide web and has special software.

With the help of this software, access to company data is realized for any Internet user. The word www means a set of software tools that provide access to company data presented in HTML. Users interact with this data using special programs called browsers.

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