Testing Website After Website Development

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Testing is a tool, it helps us to finding out how well something works and it checks function and usability. Website testing after development at time to time is very important because we should have to know about our website that it is properly running or not. Similarly in this type of test we can easily know that in our website all website pages are showing or running accurately or not.
Meanwhile, testing help to know how much the chances increases, that new features is working correctly in our website or not. Web development company in Ghaziabad, test website very properly.

How to test Website
The following testing types/technique can be performed :

Functionality Testing

Functionality Testing

This test tells about your website working procedure how much it is working according to the programming which you have select as well as according to the functions which you have set in it. Moreover Web based testing activities includes:

i)Test links

Test all links are working correctly or not on the other hand make sure that there are no broken links. Links which can be checked includes:
Outgoing Links
Internal Links
Anchor Links
Mail-to Links

ii)Test Forms

Forms are optionally formatted for easily seen.
Scripting checks on the forms are working as expected.For example, If a user skip the mandatory field in a form an error message is shown .
When data is submitted at once in a live database as well as linked with a working email address.

iii)Testing of HTML and CSS

It ensure that search engines can crawl website easily.Moreover, It includes:
Checking for Syntax error
Readable color schemes
Standard Compliance.

Usability testing

Usability testing, It is one of the most important part of any web based projects and it can easily done like you or a small focus group. Check your menu buttons or links to different pages in your sites that all of them are easily visible and consistent or not on all web pages.Moreover Content must be legible and spelling should be correct and no grammatical mistake. Website designing company Ghaziabad company is very responsible in usability testing.

Database Testing

In database testing when tester test website, there is some pressure on tester. Therefore it is one of the most important testing among all other testing. Activities include:
Test if any error are shown in queries. Data integrity is maintained when data is creating, updating or deleting in database. Check the response time in queries and fine tune them if necessary.

Compatibility Testing


This test is helps you to find that your website pages is displaying correctly in different devices or not. This will include:
Browser compatibility test: Same website will display differently in different browsers, Therefore everyday we need to check that web page is displaying correctly in browsers,JavaScript,AJAX and in mobile browsers or not.

Performance Testing

Performance testing check the website that it is properly working or not under different loads. Website development companies Ghaziabad this company ensures performance of websites and this testing will include:
Response time of web application at different connection speed.
If suddenly a crash occurs in your website then how your website would be recover from such an event. Load test help us to find our website behavior under common and high loads.

Security Testing

Security testing is very important for e-commerce types website

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, because these sites contain’s sensitive information of the customer like credit cards, this type of testing will include:
Unauthorized users cannot be permitted to access the secure web pages.
Restricted files cannot be download without any authorized access.

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