Top 10 Common Features In A Website development

Common Features in a Website

Website is a place where all information are collected in a group of web pages it is a connected group of World Wide Web pages which contains hyperlinks, texts, photos, videos etc and made available on internet by individual,company or organization.When we search some information about any topic on internet the group of pages which is open on our screen is known as website and it is related to our topic and contain information which is closely related to our topic. Moreover, there many web designing companies which makes website like Web designing company in Rohini Delhi. There are many common features of a website are as describe which is helpful for everyone.


If we use background color and images in our website, the text color on top of the background must be in that color so that visitor face no difficulty in reading the text . A visitors can easily find all information without any struggle or frustration. A website should be easily able to view by a person in any screen sizes he or she don’t need to scroll horizontally(left or right). This feature of website is very common and most important in all websites.


A Website is usually design to solve visitors problems. For e.g.a website is related to teaching where teachers can easily teach students and student can easily do their study without facing any problem. A website make our work easy we can easily find anything and we got the result in just a few seconds. Website designing company in Rohini offers makes websites.

Relevant content

A website didn’t have content which is not useful to visitors the content of website should be match from the title of website. There is no need to
put content which is not match from the title of website. Because this type of content is not useful for visitors and they leave the website.


If you want to make your website you will make sure that you have to use current trends and technologies. If your website does not fulfill today’s need than you have no need to make that type of websites. The key requirement for modern website is responsiveness and fluid web designs. Fixed page layouts does not support the mobile readability.

Optimization Of Website

There are some website which can check your website optimization.

Website and its content should be optimized for different devices

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, browsers, data speed, users and search engines. If your website is not optimize for mobile data users and their download speed users leave your website. If your website is not optimized for popular smartphone and their
screen visitors may not want to open your website. Web development company in Rohini offer this type of websites.


A website must have a infrastructure to support it and its users. A website should be able to scale to a number of potential users. Not only should the website’s user interface be scalable but the back-end database, APIs, and services too should be able to scale.


It is most important that your website is reliable or not means, if someone apply for job website has to be send notifications and messages so that the user can be updated about important dates and information.

Performance and speed

Performance and speed is very important for your website. If your website speed is slow than visitors does not want to open your website. Make sure your website take only 4 to 6 seconds to load. If your website took long time to respond it will annoy the visitors. They may leave the site which affect the search engine rank of your website.

Dead links

Deadlink is a common feature in a Website

Make sure that all links in your website is properly working or not, Whether they are internal links to pages within your website or links to external websites.


Security is a major factor for today’s web visitors please make sure that website is follows industry standard guidelines.You have to check that user password is encrypted and does display in plain text.

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