What is SEO and how many type of SEO ?

what is seo and it's types


Search engine optimization (SEO) – using a set of methods to improve the position of a site in search results, that is, search engine optimization sites. There are both perfectly legal promotion methods and unresolved, so-called gray and black methods, the use of which can lead to opposite results and a complete disregard of the site by search engines (ban or filter).

The main goal of SEO is to promote the site in the TOP-10, TOP-5, and ideally in the TOP-3, because the higher the position of the site in search results, the higher its traffic, the more profit it will bring. Most often, the site is optimized by qualified specialists. But the site’s owner’s own promotion is also quite acceptable.

SEO methods

Today, both internal and external site optimization are equally relevant, and only the integrated use of these methods can bring the best results.

Internal site optimization changing the content of the resource in order to more fully and more quickly its indexing by search engines. It:

Placing new content and editing old.

Create a robots.txt file or adjust it.

Editing meta tags description and title.

Editing software code.

Internal linking pages.

Work with keywords.

Change usability.

Design change.

External website optimization – promotion of the resource with the help of third-party forces and means. It:

Types of SEO

There are white, gray and black promotion methods. There is no official list that would define a particular method in one of the categories. Moreover, when changing the algorithms of the search engines, optimization methods can move from one category to another.

White optimization – website promotion without the use of unwanted and prohibited methods. This is the most reliable and effective way to promote a resource, which eliminates the risk of being hit by search engine filters. White methods include promotion in social networks, purchase of site reviews, interesting and promotional articles. It necessarily includes a set of measures to improve the quality of the site from a technical point of view: validation of the layout and program code in accordance with the standards, acceleration of the site, work on usability, design, etc.

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Gray optimization – some “transitional methods” between white and black optimization. Officially gray promotion methods are not prohibited

, but they are not welcomed by search engines. Sites promoted by these methods may at any time fall under the filters of search engines, but at the same time, quite often gray optimization is the most effective. Such methods include an excessive number of paid links or a sharp increase in their number, duplication of content, an excessive number of keywords, etc.

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Black optimization – promotion methods, which include everything that violates the rules of search engines. This is the creation of unreadable or poorly perceived pages intended only for the placement of key requests, frank link spam, cloaking, doorway pages, etc.

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