What should keep in mind while going to creating a new website ?

what should keep in mind By laser web maker

Before creating a website, a number of problems often arise that are related to such questions as “what exactly should be done and in what sequence?”.

It is much easier for those who already have a functioning website, but it doesn’t suit them. These people already have invaluable experience, which is enough for them to analyze. It is necessary to identify the disadvantages and advantages of the old site and take them into account when creating a new one. When you first create the site is a little more complicated. But in any case, you must always have with you a plan of action, using which you can get the desired result.

So what do you want? The most common answer is: “I want a website in general”. In such cases, the “result in general” is obtained. It cannot be measured by money or by time, as well as by the final assessment of the achieved goal.

The first step in this plan will be:

Presentation Of The Result

Imagine for a moment that you have already created a site.

  • What information does it contain?
  • What structure does it have?
  • What will be the first impression of visitors when visiting your site?
  • What will they feel and think?
  • What popular sites does yours look like?

It’s okay if in the formulation of answers to all these questions there will be a non-professional language and some mistakes in the wording. You are just starting to learn the terminology of webmasters. For a start, it will be enough just to use emotions and actions when describing the desired result.

Here is an example of a well-formulated answer:

The site should cause at the first visit and visitors a feeling of stability, a certain conservatism. The main information on the site is a description of our position in the market, pricing policy. There is a contact information, there is a noticeable section with an extensive catalog of products. When you first visit the site, it will not be difficult for the visitor to find the order form and submit an application by filling in just a few fields.

Goal Setting

You must be sure that your company requires a website. For this, think, why exactly is it needed? If you really need your partners in the billiards at subsequent meetings flatteringly responded about its design, then write. Or maybe you have personal bills with the main competitor of the Internet market and you want to create a website that is better than it, providing all visitors with a more convenient and perfect online service. Or do you have plans to use the site to work with potential clients in different regions and to create a certain virtual office servicing various needs using the site?

Set you a single goal and follow step by step

First, it is necessary to formulate one main goal that should be achieved as a result. But do not plan to solve all the tasks that can be presented using this resource. If you have plans to get an image resource with stylish graphics and colorful animation, then such a website can hardly be an online store with supplies of electrical engineering or a resource with world news.
Remember that a goal must be measurable. A certain number of visitors, certain actions of these visitors on the resource, a certain amount of money, which will increase your turnover.

Target Audience

Next, you need to identify potential visitors, on which the new site will be designed. We must not forget for whom it is created. If you perfectly imagine the target audience of the new site, you can describe it in simple words. This description will help in further filling out the brief web studio. For men or women, young or mature, rich or middle-income people? What is their place of work and place of rest? What topics are they paying attention to?

Know your audience and target them

Let’s imagine a typical representative of a specific target audience and describe it. Suppose this is a young man of 24-26 years old who has a higher education and is interested in career issues. He has no health problems, he rests in nightclubs, travels around Europe. Or maybe it’s a woman of 35-40 years old, who has several children. She lives in a small town, works and pays a lot of attention to improving her own home.
As a result, we described the results, defined the audience and set goals.

Understanding The Process

Now you need at least a little to imagine what exactly is the process between the definition of technical tasks and the resulting ready-made site. The next step is an understanding of the site creation process.
In order for your new site to work, you need three conditions:

  1. To begin with, the site shell should be ready with the necessary files and functions;
  2. The site must be hosted on the hosting so that access to it is constant from anywhere in the world;
  3. The site should have a memorable domain name for users to access it more often.
  4. Usually, the company where you order a site can help you in hosting a new site.
Website Designing & Development Process By Laser Web Maker

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