Why WordPress Is The Most Popular Web Development CMS?

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More than 1,600 million websites make up the Internet. A web page for every 4.5 inhabitants that inhabit our planet. And if we count on half of them not having an Internet connection. The ratio is practically increased to one web for every two people. Today we start this post with numbers. Numbers that allow us to put in perspective the magnitude of the topic that we are dealing with today. Here we are talking about WordPress the most popular web development CMS. Let’s see in a few brushstrokes why WordPress is preferred as most popular web development CMS on the platform by many web development companies.

WordPress is easy to use and extremely intuitive

It is not necessary to have extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or PHP. It is a very visual tool that anyone with knowledge of web design can use. At the same time allows individual customization of each and every one of the aspects that compose it. It is an open source software,
which is constantly evolving by developers around the world. It adapts to the needs of both beginners and more advanced users. Finally, its learning curve is really fast, which makes it a highly attractive platform for those who needs to develop websites.

Infinite design possibilities and flexibility

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Future of WordPress

Thousands of themes and plugins allow hundreds and hundreds of different web pages to be made of each other. Every day new themes and new plugins are created by web development company in Delhi. In addition, all those that already exist are developed and perfected every very little time. Everything can be changed, modified, and evolved. Colors, letters, formats, blocks, sections, forms, etc.

Optimization of websites with search engines

WordPress was born as a tool for blogs, and for that reason, from the beginning, it is very well understood. With Google as well as with the rest of existing search engines to date. It has a very clean structure. As a result it loads very fast, creating XML maps, use of tags H1, H2 and H3 (for example) very easily. It has specific plugins to manage keywords, word density, snippet, etc.
And of course, we have already talked about it; there is a real army of programmers optimizing each and every one of the aspects that make up the CMS.


We cannot ignore the importance of tablets, and especially of mobile. When reading and searching content on the Internet (not to mention the importance that this section has also for positioning).
WordPress allows website designing company Delhi


, in a very simple and intuitive way. The adaptation of any website to these mobile devices, with smaller screens and designed to use them in a tactile way instead of with a mouse.

Integrated with other tools

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Ability of WordPress

Another key element today is the ability of WordPress to integrate. It can easily integrate with social networks, email tools, added Google services (such as Maps, Drive, Business, Shopping, etc.), PayPal (and other payment methods). In short, any developer, of any API in the world thinks of WordPress when it comes to moving forward with its creation. It is impossible to leave aside the compatibility with a tool used by so many and many millions of people (and companies) in the world.

The future is bright for WordPress

The web designing company Delhi to grow for WordPress. Google is interested in the development of certain aspects of the platform. The community of developers behind them is also growing over time. All the programmers attend the requests of this CMS to become strong in their market. Electronic commerce is another of its strengths.

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