What is Conversion Rate and How to Calculate It?

What is Conversion Rate and How to Calculate It

In simple words we can describe conversion rate as, the number of conversions upon the sum of people who visits the site or its landing page. Web Development company in Delhi is the top web development company. In addition, it can be refer as the desired action that you want the user to take. This include anything from a click on a button to making a purchase and becoming a customer. Websites and apps have multiple goals, and each will have its own conversion rate.

It marketing plays an important role in your digital marketing campaigns. It defines a shopper or business buyer’s online experience, and makes easy for them to choose your company. Whenever you run an online campaign, you can monitor your conversion rate to see how it drives results for your business. Your conversion rate is an indicator of your campaigns success. If you have a high conversion rate, it indicates that your campaign succeeds at getting leads to convert. A low conversion rate indicates that your campaign needs optimizations to improve it. Web designing company in Delhi the best digital marketing company.

Types of Conversion Rate

1.Making a purchase
2.Submitting a form (contact us form and lead gen form)
Calling your business
3.Engaging with your online chat signing up for a subscription (either paid for free – like a newspaper) Registering on the site
4.Downloading Something (software trial, eBook, mobile app, etc)
5.Using Something (new/advanced feature on your software or app, simply using your software/ app for a certain amount of time)
6.Upgrading Their Service
7.Engaging with your site in some way (time on site, repeat visits, number of pages visited)

How to Calculate Conversion Rate

Formula of Conversion Rate
Formula of Conversion Rate

We can calculate it the with the help two formulas. In first formula we includes all recorded visits to a website, therefore including automated page impression by bots, and repeated page impressions from the same user. Due the multiple visits of the same user this calculation is less accurate.

Conversion Rate = (Number of Conversions * 100% / (Number of Visits)

In second formula the number of visitors is replaced by unique visitors. It means, a visitor is only counted once even if they visit the site multiple times. Cookies are usually identify visitors, to make possible so that multiple visits by the same user can be excluded.

Accurate result = (Number of conversions * 100) / (Number of unique visitors)

For this calculation, particular time period of time is selected and only one conversion per unique visitor per day is calculated. The total number of page views doesn’t matter for the calculation.

Why it is Important ?

Why it is Important
Why it is Important

If you want to do your conversion rate higher than you should consult Website Designing company in Delhi is providing all types of web development and designing services within very affordable prices. When you improve your website conversion rate

, you can get more sales with the same amount of traffic. It is very essential element for your website as it gauge the functioning and achievement of your websites. Moreover, it measures what occurs when visitors are at your site. The design of your website is greatly affects it and it is also used for checking that your strategy is properly working or not. And you can easily know what percentage of your users are completing the goals that drive your business and it also helps you to gauge the success of your site or app and identify areas for improvement.

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