What Is Web Hosting and Its Types For Website?

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Web hosting is the service which provides business server space to individual businessman to make their website accessible over the internet. So that other people can easily view their website on internet. In other word we can say that a web hosting service makes the website available so that website can easily viewed by people on the internet. There are many hosting services are available today.
Some hosting services works in free of cost and some hosting services take charge for work. Web designing company in Delhi NCR take charge for web hosting.
You can choose different types of web hosting based on the amount of traffic that comes in your website and charge of cost.
Types of web Hosting for website

Shared Hosting

Shared Web Hosting
Shared Web Hosting

This hosting is the service in which many websites simultaneously shared the hosting resources like server space, bandwidth etc. In the shared hosting groups of people saves their money in hosting their website. This type of hosting is very cheapest and most popular. It is generally used for individual and small to medium sized business and sites with less traffic. Website designing company Delhi NCR is help you in shared hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

In this type of hosting a server can host only a single website. This type of hosting is very expensive because a single person have to pay for the entire server. It can be charge hundreds of dollars in a month. This type of hosting is suitable for large businesses and sites with a lot of traffic.

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server

, it is a hosting server. It works as a storage center for files and data of a website. It runs on it’s own instance of operating system to which the customers can have superuser access so that they can install any software which runs on that Operating System. Web development company Delhi NCR provides VPS hosting.

Clouds Hosting

Cloud Hositng
Clouds Hosting

This type of hosting provides software and storage services. With the help of cloud hosting we can convegiently manage the peak load of website without any bandwidth issue. In this method we can create, modify or removed the customized online virtual servers. Cloud hosting can also combine the capacity of several servers to provide a single cloud hosted server. Some of the cloud hosted solutions are cloud servers, cloud desktops, cloud storage etc.


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