10 Tips For An e-Commerce Website While Web Development.

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Web Development of e-commerce website is a bit like cooking a perfect dish, where flavors, aromas, and taste are mixed in the right way. Certainly, however, we can list a series of useful tips that, if followed, can put us on the right path for web development of an e-commerce website.


First of all, the platform (i.e., the engine) on which to build our online store must be chosen for web development of e-commerce websites. There are many platform on the market both open source and paid.


An e-commerce must be active 24 hours a day and always reachable. Make sure that the server that hosts it guarantees bandwidth, traffic and is not subject to down services.


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Graphic Icon

Bello does not mean capable of converting. It may seem trivial

, but it is really so. Amazon certainly cannot say that it is an aesthetically appealing site. Yet it is the online store that sells the most in the world! Therefore, worry about building e-commerce before being USABLE, even if it’s beautiful buttons, icons, cart, and purchase process must be clear and simple.


They all say Content is King , then there will be a reason or not? The contents, especially in an e-commerce project, are fundamental. They must inform clearly. They must capture the users attention and know how to provide them in a few lines with all the necessary info on a given product. So as not to bore him but not to prove insufficient.


Where is it written that to sell online you must have lower prices than others? The price leverage (especially for certain kinds of items) is undoubtedly important, but there are many other motivational levers that can push a web user to buy on one site rather than another (even at higher prices). The quality of the after-sales service, shorter delivery times, low shipping costs (or free, why not!), diversified and flexible payment systems. For this, you must consult services provided by web development company in Rohini Delhi.

Excuse me, how can I pay?

At the time of purchase (true sore point of many e-commerce), the user must be able to choose the payment method he prefers. Let’s not limit ourselves to just credit cards; we would risk losing a sale.


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Showcase of Website

Like a “physical” store, even a virtual store must have a captivating showcase capable of displaying its best products varying the homepage often,publishing news and special offers, alternating products first page depending on the season or time of year is important because it leads to customer loyalty and to give site users a reason to visit us again. You can do this all with the help of website designing company Rohini.


The performance of e-commerce is not only measured by how many sales it can produce, but by many other factors. A customer who subscribes to your newsletter, which puts your site in your browsers favorite or who registers to your private area is a treasure trove to be jealously preserved, and that sooner or later will end up paying off.


Website development companies Rohini, integrate your site with social sharing buttons, enable users to comment on your articles and invite them to share your products on their social profiles. An e-commerce today is increasingly social-commerce. In the sense that, the traffic that the social networks can bring to your web pages is a fundamental component for the notoriety and visibility of your products.


How many visitors does my store make per month? How does a user behave when he arrives on my site? Which are the most visited pages? What is the bounce rate (i.e., how many go from the same page they came from)? Without a compass to orient ourselves, we run the risk of walking blindly!

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