Difference Between HTML and CSS

Difference Between HTML And CSS

HTML is known as Hyper Text Markup Language and CSS is stand for Cascading Style Sheet. These both are the core web scripting languages and their primary use is to create web pages and web applications. The main difference between them is that HTML is used to create the web pages and CSS is used to control the styling and layout of web pages. Web Development company in Delhi is the top web development company.



HTML is a markup language is the buildings-blocks of web pages and expands to Hyper Text Markup language


, it adds markup to standard English text. Hyper text signifies the links – Hyper links – that associates web pages with one another. It provides the structure of the web page and allows you to put images, text, videos, forms and other pieces of content together into a cohesive webpage. It is used for defining web documents (web pages).

Hyper Text Markup Language

In HTML, firstly you write text and then you will add elements or tags to it, which will appear on your page. Through this way, the browser knows about the heading of the page, beginning and ending of the paragraph, and so on. You can also tweak text words, resize images, and add links to either.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is dictate your website’s look and feel. It is independent of HTML and can be used with any XML-based markup language. CSS allows you to create rules that describe the presentation of the HTML elements on a screen. It is an addition to basic HTML elements on a screen and is also enables styling to your web pages. Web Designing company in Delhi using CSS latest versions to make website more presentable.

In CSS, rules are used by utilizing CSS properties. It’s properties are basically divided into two parts. First is the presentation which describe the text color font type, font size, background colors, background images, etc. Second is layout that defines the position of the different elements on the screen.

Key Difference between CSS and HTML

CSS is used to make the web page more presentable while HTML is used to build the structure of the web page. Cascading style sheet do not contain HTML code in it and it can be used in HTML while HTML file contains CSS code and HTML cannot be used in CSS files.
CSS comprised of selectors succeeded by a declaration block. Whereas, HTML comprises of tags surrounding content.


HTML and CSS are two main languages and both are used for creating web pages. The difference between them is that the HTML is used to developing the structure of a web page. CSS is used to make the web pages more presentable. They different from one another in many ways like syntactical structure, implementing methods, ease of use and features like attributes supported by the language. Moreover CSS is replacing HTML because it offers more features and it is more flexible than HTML. Website designing company in Delhi providing web design services at very lowest price, you can hire us.


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