Facts behind the website slow opening.

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Website loading speed is one of the major concern of most of the SEO experts and web development companies. A website should load fast in order to impress the search engines and the users too. If your website is loading in 1.7 seconds, it is faster than about 75% of the websites on the internet. But, if it is taking more four, five or more seconds to load then it is the issue to be considered strongly.

There must be an issue if your website is taking that long period to load. It is time to contact your web development company. They can correct it and improve the site loading speed. In this article, we will understand the things which cause the low site loading speed. We have put together some points which are responsible for low website loading speeds most of the times.

Unclean Code

An improperly implanted and unclean code can lead to low site speed. If your browser is not able to read the code quickly and easily, the speed will slow down. You have to correct your codes in order to solve this problem. This issue occurs mostly on the static website. if the developer made some mistakes while the development, your website could load in tremendously higher time.

JavaScript issue

Most of the times, it is the issue with inappropriate JavaSript. javascript enables the developers to implement beautiful dynamic contents on the website. A good web designing company will surely make use of javascript to improve the visuals of websites. But, if they implemented itincorrectly, the loading speed may increase a lot.

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Too much flash content

If you have used a huge number of flash content on your homepage

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, the website loading speed will automatically increase. This happens because this content uses loads of browser resources before opening the pages.

Not using caching techniques

Caching is the best technique to provide users with a fast and effective browsing experience. If a website is not using cache techniques, the speed will increase. You should take care of these small things while doing website designing. They are small but make huge differences in the loading speed and other factors.

Too many advertisements

If you are using multiple ads on your website, they will increase your website loading speed. It happens because the ad codes are designed to take preferences over the other website codes. So, they load prior to the website and make it slow. So, use not more than one or two ads on the homepage.

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too many advertisement on website

Multiple HTTP Requests

Have you used loads of JavaScript, image files and CSS while the website development? They will actually lead to excessive HTTP requests. Due to this, when a user visits your website, the browser fulfills various request to load different requests. This makes the website slow.

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multiple http redirection

So, you must take care of all these things while developing your website. You will surely be able to get decent site loading speed if you take care of the above things.

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