Should I launch my website first before start a business ? Question’s Answer

Yes, you need to create your website,  google business etc first before starting your business. Because a website and google map is the only best way where customer can know about your business and your services.  According to us research, 80% people search on google before take any services or product. Because they get thousands of option on single click. So if you want to spark start of your business the you need to create website first.

Things need to do before start your website.

Domain Registration:-

Today lots of domain registration company buy domain and put that domain on auction. They earn from these ways so you need to confirm you need confirm you domain name like ( if you registered your company before buying the domain then sometime it not available. A domain name should be shortest that one can easily learn. A should easy to speak like laser web maker.

Prepare Content :-

Before starting website prepare content like about you company what exactly you are doing. All service detail that you are offering. Business terms and conditions and other contents.

Logo Designing:-

Logo is an image or icons who represent you business. Make some creative logo designing and the website’s color combination will be according to logo color combination.

Responsive Website:-

Confirm first website that you are going to create will be mobile and tablet friendly or not. Because 80% people access through mobile or tablet. It is necessary a website should be responsive.

responsive websites designing company

Before starting any website keep all points in mind and discuss to website designing company before starting. If you will not first then further they will add charges for each things, while all these things comes in website. Make sure first the web development company in noida in not a spammer. Because there 10000 of website are spammers who make the promise a lot before starting the project but deliver nothing.

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