best open source ecommerce cms

Best Open source cms for e commerce website and their advantage

At first glance, launching an e-commerce platform may seem like a costly venture. Fortunately, there are a huge number of CMS for an open source online store, which are not…

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how to list business on google map

List your business on google map step-by-step

How to add a company to Google Maps You need to create a page in Google My Business. Algorithm for adding a company. 1. Go to Google My Business and…

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How to make your website on google 1st page ?

Before embarking on promotion, you need to understand what we will work with. This applies both to the external environment of the site (competitors, market situation) and the site itself. …

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What is an open source CMS ?

CMS (from the English Content Management System – “content management system”, “engine”) is an information system or computer program for providing and organizing a joint process of creating, editing and…

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Why does a website generate more revenue than a shop ?

With the development of online sales, website creation becomes the only right solution for reaching the target audience online. While offline companies are focused solely on serving their customers, modern…

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what should keep in mind By laser web maker

What should keep in mind while going to creating a new website ?

Before creating a website, a number of problems often arise that are related to such questions as “what exactly should be done and in what sequence?”. It is much easier…

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